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We specialize in Low Vision Aids, aiming to maximize the remaining vision of patients whose visual function is compromised by clinically significant visual impairment. You can schedule an appointment in the store or arrange for us to come to you!

We provide a contact lens fitting service to ensure your contact lenses are fit correctly and attend to your optical needs.

We offer in-store refraction tests by a qualified, experienced Optometrist


What is Low Vision?

Low vision refers to vision loss which cannot be corrected by surgical and medical treatments or conventional glasses and contact lenses.

What causes Low Vision?

The most common causes of Low Vision are age related macular degeneration (AMD), glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy. Other related causes are ocular cancer, stroke, or genetic vision disorders.

What are they signs and symptoms of Low Vision?

Signs and symptoms of Low Vision include, reduced visual acuity, reduced visual field, photophobia (sensitiveness to light), diplopia (double vision), difficulty reading, headaches and dizziness.

How do you treat Low Vision?

Surgery and/or medical treatment is the first line of treatment for Low Vision. However, in cases where the condition is untreatable, low vision aids can help improve patients’ quality of life. Low Vision aids include magnifiers, telescopes, and prisms.



Colour Filters

Filters can protect the eye from harmful light but also enhance brightness. They work by optimizing contrast perception and thus improving visual function.

Led Light Lamps

They work in support of other Low Vision aids to enhance visual function in low light conditions.

Spectacle mounted magnifiers

A magnifying lens is clipped on the spectacles allowing both hands to be free. When set on the correct magnification level it can help with near vision, but also mid distance.

Handheld and Stand Magnifiers

They are used to improve near vision by adjusting the magnification level.  Both handheld and stand magnifiers can include lights.

Prismatic binocular readers

Magnifying readers with prismatic convergence support can aid near visual function.


Telescopes improve the resolution of an object by moving the image closer to the retina. They can be applied binocularly or monocularly to enhance both near and distance vision.

Electronic magnifiers

They are electronic systems providing magnification of images both for near and distance. Electronic magnification allows for a wide range of magnification options and adjustment of both brightness and contrast.


Contact lenses deliver a wider vision range than ophthalmic glasses, they correct a variety of visual abnormalities, they don’t suffer any kind of environmental conditions and offer a extremely qualitative vision and are most adequate for sport activities.


Made form modern state of the art materials and with continuous design development the guarantee comfort of wear and usage without time restrictions. Daily or weekly/monthly usage they can correct any vision imparity (myopia, astigmatism, presbyopia).


In our establishment we can offer you contact lenses from the best-known producers like ALCON, Johnson & Johnson, Baush & Lomb, Cooper Vision and Menicon.

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